National Helpline Approval Vote

Published on 23/09/2022

The Portugal Unity Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous Steering Committee has placed on it’s Agenda for our next meeting the HELP DESK line. We have enough 7th Tradition donations on hand to fund this proposition. What remains, is an affirmative vote from the membership /GSR’s from all English-speaking groups to affirm that we may proceed with obtaining the virtual telephone number, configuring it to allow redirection of inbound calls to a team of volunteers who will each agree to working on-call during their rotation shift. Obviously, this plan will relieve local Groups of not only the on-going expense of funding their own local /regional Help Lines, and will eliminate the need for physically transferring mobiles from one volunteer to another. Fees will be paid by UNITY Intergroup which will request modest offsetting 7th Tradition contributions to sustain the annual expenses.

Questions are welcomed from the floor, before the vote, but attendance is required at the next meeting to insure a full representative vote of all English-speaking Groups.

AA Portugal helpline