Intergroup Service

When you’re a general service representative (G.S.R.)

When you’re a general service representative you are linking your home group with the whole of A.A. In 1950, a new type of trusted servant, “group representative,” was suggested to help in the selection of delegates to the newly formed General Service Conference. By 1953, the job of group representative was also seen as a good means of exchanging up-to-date information between individual groups and “Headquarters” (now the General Service Office). That’s still an important side of your work. But now, as general service representative, you have an even bigger responsibility: You transmit ideas and opinions, as well as facts; through you, the group conscience becomes a part of “the collective conscience of our whole Fellowship,” as expressed in the General Service Conference.

Reprinted from General Service Representative, with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.

Service Area – Portugal

For the moment, the Intergroup has elected to divide Portugal into Geographical Sections as follows: North, Central, South West, South East and the Islands.

The cities listed below are host to regular English-speaking A.A. meetings. Some are conducted in-person, others are hybrid, and still others operate exclusively as online meetings with their memberships extending beyond Portugal’s physical borders. They were founded by residents of Portugal and retain that linkage to the country and offer relationship links for digital nomads, persons who split their time between their home countries and or are assigned for work to different countries but wish to sustain the dynamic support structure provided by these Group memberships.


  • Porto


  • Coimbra
  • São Martinho do Porto
  • Lisbon
  • Cascais
  • Estoril
  • Gois /Oliveira


  • Portimão
  • Lagos
  • Albufeira


  • Almancil
  • Loulé
  • Tavira


  • Azores
  • Madeira

Please attend our next quarterly meeting. The Intergroup Committee meets online. See the Calendar for time and Zoom credentials. 

Any A.A. member is welcome to attend Intergroup committee meetings. Voting members of the committee are the General Service Representatives (GSRs) from participating groups and Steering Committee officers and Intergroup Service Representatives (not yet approved) service workers, including:

  • Intergroup Chairperson
  • Alternate Intergroup Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Alternate Intergroup Treasurer
  • Intergroup Secretary
  • Alternate Intergroup Secretary
  • Intergroup Website Officer
  • Alternate Intergroup Website Officer
  • Public Information & Cooperation With the Professional Community Committee
  • Chairperson
  • Literature / Grapevine Officer
  • Archivist (not yet formalized)
  • Intergroup Liaison with CER, A.A. Portugal etc.

Contact Portugal Unity Intergroup

Please come to one of the meetings listed above or use this form to contact us: